How to reset the Holmes® Smart Heater with Wemo®

There are two ways to reset the settings of the Holmes® Extra-Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®, F7C047 and Holmes® Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®F7C048.  You can either perform the reset manually or through the Wemo App.  Follow the steps below to learn how:

Manual reset
The manual reset will restore all your Wemo settings including your wireless settings back to factory defaults.

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Step 1:  Make sure that the green indicator light above the ENABLE WEMO button on the Holmes Smart Heater’s Control Panel is ON.
Step 2:  Press the Power button on the heater’s Control Panel to turn it OFF.

Step 3:  Hold the RESTORE button (below the Wi-Fi signal bars and Wemo icon)
 for 10 seconds while pressing the Power button to turn the heater ON.
Step 4:  Wait for your smart device to detect the heaters’ default Wi-Fi name before setting it up again.  To learn how to set up the Holmes Smart Heater, click here.
Through the Wemo App
If your Wemo App detects your heater, you can choose three types of resets.

Step 1:  Open the Wemo App.

Step 2:  Tap Edit > Reset Options.

Step 3:  Select how you want to reset the heater with these three options:
  • Clear Product Info – only deletes the personalized Name, Icon and Rules of the heater.
  • Reset Wi-Fi – clears the Wi-Fi settings that’s configured with the heater.
  • Erase All Content and Settings – restores ALL the settings of the Holmes Smart Heater to its factory default.
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