Meet the Holmes® Smart Heaters with Wemo

The Holmes Extra-Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo, F7C047 and Holmes Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo, F7C048 allow you to control the thermostat and temperature settings from anywhere to provide warming comfort in your home.  This article is a guide on the smart heaters’ features and specifications.
  • Program your daily schedule or make sure it's OFF
  • Control settings and adjust temperature from your smart device
  • Eco-Smart™ energy-saving technology based on the cycling between high and low settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Electronic thermostat:  three heat settings
  • 24-hour pre-heat timer with integrated clock
  • 60oF- 85oF heater settings
Front panel
Light indicators


SpecificationsHolmes Extra-Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo, F7C047 Holmes Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo, F7C048
BulbsSix quartzFour quartz
Working Voltage120V AC / 60 Hz120V AC / 60 Hz
Product Dimensions11.75 x 16 x 16.75 (in)11.38 x 14 x 15.3 (in)
Weight25.75 lb20.28 lb
Front panel
User-added image
User-added image
Light indicators

DescriptionLight IndicatorStatus
Light is OFFUser-added imageNo power / Unplugged / Wemo is disabled
Alternating green to orangeUser-added imageReady for setup
Blinking greenUser-added imageStart-up / Receiving mode
Solid greenUser-added imageConnected and okay
Solid orangeUser-added imagePoor connection
Blinking orangeUser-added imageLost connection

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