Setting up your Holmes® Smart Humidifier with Wemo®, F7C046

To begin using your Holmes® Smart Humidifier with Wemo®F7C046, you’ll have to physically install the device in your desired location and configure its settings using the Wemo App.  This article will guide you on how to properly install the humidifier in your home.

What you’ll need:
  • Holmes Smart Humidifier with Wemo, F7C046
  • The latest version of the Wemo App from App Store® or Google Play™ downloaded to your smartphone or tablet
  • Wi-Fi settings (your current Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password)
  • Router with active internet connection

Manual Setup

Step 1:  Unpack and remove your Holmes Smart Humidifier from the box and save box and packaging inserts for easy storage.

Step 2:  Remove all corrugated inserts from around the humidifier, packing tape from unit surfaces and all plastic bags.

Step 3:  Filters come pre-assembled; note how they are assembled inside the tray doors for future replacement.

Step 4:  Fill both water tanks and insert into the unit.  Be careful when inserting the tanks as they only fit in the humidifier in one direction.

Step 5:  For proper unit performance, make sure to place the humidifier on a level surface.  To confirm that you are on level ground when first starting up the unit, open filter door and check if the level line is horizontal with the water level in the bottom water tray.

NOTE:  The wick filter will be wet.  Take necessary precautions to protect your flooring when opening the filter door.

Step 6:  Place the humidifier in an open area that is not restrictive of the air flow.

Step 7:  Start operating the unit manually from the Control Panel or begin the setup using the Wemo App from any smart device.


Wemo App Setup

IMPORTANT:  Make sure that your humidifier is getting a strong Wi-Fi signal from the router.  You can check this by holding your smartphone up to the humidifier and checking the Wi-Fi icon.  You should have at least two or more signal bars.
Step 1:  Plug the humidifier into an electrical outlet and wait for the Wi-Fi indicator light to alternate between the colors green and orange.  To know more about the Holmes Smart Humidifier's light behavior, click here.
Step 2:  Go to the Settings of your mobile device. 
Step 3:  Scan the available Wi-Fi list, and then connect to the humidifier’s Wi-Fi name (, where xxx are the last three digits of the serial number).  When your smart device is already connected, you can exit Settings.
QUICK TIP:  A checkmark will appear once you are successfully connected to the humidifier.

IMPORTANT:  If the humidifier is not broadcasting the Wi-Fi name, make sure that it is ON.  Then scan again.  If the same issue occurs, reset the device.  To know how, click here.

Step 4:  Launch the Wemo App.  The Wemo App will look for the humidifier and then set up the device.
Step 5:  When prompted, select your Wi-Fi name and enter your Wi-Fi password.
Step 6:  Once setup is complete, the Remote Access feature is enabled and the Holmes® Humidifier will appear on the Wemo App’s main menu.  Then, tap the green drop down arrow under Holmes® Humidifier to set up your preferred settings and desired humidity level.

NOTE:  The appliance can still be operated directly from the appliance Control Panel in case of a router outage.  Any preprogrammed schedules will still function on the Wemo App.

For the best user experience, you may accept all Wemo App firmware updates for your device.  The Wemo App will require the first update upon initial setup.  You will receive additional requests for firmware updates as new user features and user experience enhancements are identified.

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