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Wemo® Motion, F7C028 Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter issues on your Wemo® Motion, F7C028, here are some troubleshooting solutions that you can follow to fix these issues:

1. What should I do if the indicator light on the front panel of the Wemo Motion isn't illuminating?

Make sure the Wemo Motion's connector is completely plugged in.  To know more about what the lights on the Wemo Switch and Wemo Motion mean, click here.
2. What should I do if I can’t see the “I sense Motion” in the app even if the triggers are working?

If you can't see the "I sense Motion" in the Wemo App, force close the app on your device.  For instructions on how to force close, click here.  Once you have successfully closed the app, relaunch it.

NOTE:  It may take up to 20 seconds from the time you open the Wemo App to when you first see that there is motion detected.
3. What should I do if the blue light is ON but the Wemo Motion isn't triggering rules or showing in the app?

Try the following steps below:
Step 1:  Unplug the Wemo Motion, wait for 10 seconds, then replug it into the AC outlet.

Step 2:  Wait 30 seconds for it to reconnect.

Step 3:  On your device, force close the Wemo App.  Click here to learn how.

Step 4:  Relaunch the app.

4. What should I do if my Wemo Motion continuously triggers?

Try the following steps below:
Step 1:  Ensure that the Wemo Motion's connector is completely plugged in.

Step 2:  On your device, force close the Wemo App.  Click here to learn how.

Step 3:  Relaunch the app.  If you still have the same issue, unplug the Sensor Module from the wall and unplug Motion Sensor Detector from the Sensor Module.

Step 4:  Wait for another 10 seconds before plugging Sensor Module back in BUT without the Motion Sensor Detector connected.

Step 5:  Wait 30 seconds for it to reconnect.

Step 6:  Force close the Wemo App again then relaunch it.

Step 7:  If the trigger is still shown in the Wemo App, click here to contact support and request for hardware replacement.

5. Where do I place my Wemo Motion?
The Wemo Motion can be placed in a location where you want movement to be detected.  Once connected, your Wemo Motion will sense movement within a 10-foot range.
6. How can I update the firmware of my Wemo device?
To learn how to update the firmware of your Wemo device, click here.
7. What can I do if my Wemo App keeps on "Looking for Devices"?
The issue on Wemo being slow to detect / discover / show devices and / or rules along with the following issues below has been identified by Belkin and is currently replicating the issue at numerous levels and is working hard to fix them.   
  • Wemo not detected/intermittently detected
  • Unable to access remotely
  • Switch automatically turns OFF after being turned ON
  • Rules trigger incorrectly/not as scheduled
Belkin has already deployed related fixes to the Wemo Cloud and some of these issues may be resolved with the Cloud update.
8. How can I make the Wemo Motion communicate with the switch?
Learn how to set up your Wemo device by clicking here.

For more troubleshooting steps and tips, click here to get to know more about the Wemo devices.

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