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Why does the Wemo App on iOS require permissions?

Like all iOS apps, the Wemo App requires access to certain features of your iOS device to function correctly.  This requires the app to ask for permission to access these features. 

Why does the Wemo App need location permission?

Starting with iOS 13, the Wemo App can’t access a user's network information unless the user grants location permission.
The Wemo App didn't need location permission before, why does it need location permission now?
Before iOS 13, the Wemo App was able to access the Wi-Fi network name that a user's phone is connected to.  Starting with iOS 13 however, accessing this information requires Wemo® to request users to allow location permission.

What location information does the Wemo App use?

The Wemo App uses Location Permission to find the Wi-Fi network name that a user's phone is connected to.  The Wi-Fi name is needed so the Wemo App can turn ON and OFF Wemo devices over Wi-Fi and to set up new Wemo devices.  Without knowing the Wi-Fi name that a user's phone is connected to, the Wemo App will not be able to function.

The only other time location information is needed is when a user creates a sunrise or sunset schedule rule.  The Wemo App will use location permission to determine the user's time zone.  Time zone information is needed to determine what time sunrise and sunset occurs.

Does the Wemo App store any location information?
No, the Wemo App does not store any location information.

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