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Why is the status light blinking on my Wemo® device?

The normal behavior for the status light on a Wemo® device is NOT lit.  This means that the Wemo is functioning normally.  A blinking status light signifies that there is something with your Wemo device that needs attention.  Below are the blinking status light behaviors that your Wemo device might indicate.
Blinking Blue (Wemo Switch + Motion) or Blinking Green (Wemo Insight, Light Switch and Link)

  • Starting Up:  If a Wemo device lost power or is being reset, it will blink blue or green while it restarts.
  • Updating Firmware:  If you initiated a firmware update for your Wemo, it will blink blue or green to show that it is currently updating.
Blinking Blue and Orange (Wemo Switch + Motion) or Blinking Green and Orange (Wemo Insight, Light Switch and Link)
  • Setup Mode:  If you just plugged in a brand new Wemo or reset your Wemo device to factory defaults, it will blink blue and orange or green and orange to signify it is ready to be set up.
Blinking Orange (All Models)
  • Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi:  If the Wemo is blinking orange, it is having difficulty staying connected to your Wi-Fi.  To know how to connect to your Wi-Fi, click here.

To know more about the light behaviors, click on your Wemo device below.

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer, F7C059 LED Behaviors
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Understanding the Wemo® Mini Smart Plug, F7C063 Status Light
Wemo® Bridge, F7C074 light behaviors
Wemo® Insight Smart Plug, F7C029 indicator lights
Wemo® Switch + Motion, F5Z0340 indicator lights

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