Meet the Wemo® Insight Smart Plug, F7C029

The Wemo® Insight Smart Plug, F7C029 is a home automation device that allows your appliances to connect to your Wi-Fi.  Using your Android™ or iOS device, you can program your home appliances to switch ON or OFF from anywhere.  This article will show you the different features of the Wemo Insight. 
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Key Features
  • The Wemo Insight has all the features of the Wemo Switch
  • Tracks electricity usage and cost over time
  • Controls electronics from anywhere over 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi
  • Schedules when your electronic device turns ON / OFF
  • Sends notifications of status change and usage of the device that is plugged into the Wemo Insight 
  • Energy Monitor and Switch in one
  • Exports power data to email
  • Estimates your appliances’ average energy usage and current usage
  • Estimates the monthly power cost for your appliances
  • Lessens unnecessary usage and reduces your monthly electric bill
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant™, and Apple® HomeKit™
  • Wemo also works with If This Then That (IFTTT®), connecting your home electronics to a whole world of online apps
  • The Wemo Insight can be controlled through the Wemo App or manually using the touch-sensitive button on top of the Wemo Insight
  • Uses less than 3W in standby mode
  • Uses less than 3W power when it is not idle such as when it is activated, triggered or performing a command

Wemo Insight Top View
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User-added image - Wi-Fi indicator light
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QUICK TIP:  For step-by-step instructions on how to manually restore the Wemo Insight to factory defaults, click here
Additionally, you can easily add more Wemo Insights because of its modular design.  With this, you can maximize your power outlets to use more Wemo Insights to program multiple devices or appliances.
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A vital addition to the Wemo Insight is its energy usage monitoring feature.  With this additional feature, you can estimate your appliances’ average energy usage and current usage as well as the monthly cost for your appliances. 
NOTE:  To turn OFF the Wemo Insight, you must unplug it from the socket.  Turning OFF the device using only the Wemo App will leave it on standby mode.


Product Specifications
  • Wi-Fi range of up to 95 m or around 300 ft
  • Multiple Wemo Insights may exist on the same Wi-Fi
  • Currency can be customized
  • Calculates cost per kWh

  • Wi-Fi® running on 2.4 GHz / 802.11n
  • The latest Wemo App available on the App Store® or Google Play™
  • Must be plugged into a power outlet 
  • Max 120V~ / 15A / 60 Hz / 1800W

NOTE:  The Wemo Insight's plug and voltage requirements vary per region or country.

For more information on the Wemo Insight, click here.

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