How to link your Wemo devices to your Google Home

Google Home™ is a speaker and voice assistant developed by Google.  This allows users to speak commands to listen to music, receive news updates and control home automation devices.  Wemo® features home automation devices that can be controlled with voice commands via the Google Home.  The following are the Wemo devices that can be linked to it:
  • Wemo Switch and Motion
  • Wemo Insight Switch
  • Wemo Light Switch
  • Wemo Dimmer
  • Wemo Mini
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Light Switch
  • Wemo 3-Way Light Switch
There are a few basic requirements that need to be met before you can use your Google Home with your Wemo devices.
  •  A Google Home Virtual Assistant
  •  The Google Home App
  •  The Wemo App
  •  Wemo Account
  •  At least one supported Wemo device

Linking Wemo to your Google Home
The linking process is pretty easy as long as you have Remote Access working for your Wemo devices and your Google Home Virtual Assistant is set up and working properly.
Linking your Wemo with your Google Home Virtual Assistant consists of two parts:
  1. Pre-link procedures
  2. Linking your Google Home Virtual Assistant to your Wemo Home Wi-Fi
Step 1:  Before linking to your Wemo Home Wi-Fi, you will need to have at least one Wemo device set up and working.
Step 2:  Set up your Google Home Virtual Assistant.  Next, you will need to set up your Google Home device and ensure it is working.  Click here for setup instructions.
2. Linking your Google Home Virtual Assistant to your Wemo Home Wi-Fi
Once everything is set up, you can connect your Google Home Virtual Assistant with your Wemo Home Wi-Fi to begin controlling your Wemo devices with your voice.
For the next steps, you will need to use your Google Home App.
Step 1:  Open your Google Home App and tap the plus icon.
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Step 2:  Tap Set up device.

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Step 3:  Choose the Have something already set up? option. 

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You will be taken to a list of available smart device partners that you can link with Google Home.  Search and choose WeMo from the list.

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Step 4:  Enter the Email Address and Password of your Wemo Account.

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Step 5:  Tap Allow Access.

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Step 6:  Once linked, you will be shown a list of your supported Wemo devices associated to your Wemo Account.  Select the device that you want to add first and then tap Next.
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Step 7:  Choose the right location of your Wemo device and then tap Next.

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Step 8:  Choose the room where the Wemo device is located and tap Next.
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NOTE:  If you have multiple Wemo devices linked to Google Home, you will have to select the location of each Wemo device.
Once done, the Wemo devices including the Google Home will show up on the Home page of the Google Home App.
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Wemo device not Detected

If detection still does not take place after doing the steps above, below are some troubleshooting tips you can try:
  • Confirm if your phone or tablet has remote access.
  • If you are able to take your phone or tablet to a remote connection (a different Wi-Fi than your Wemo devices connect to or a cellular connection), switch to that and try controlling your Wemo devices.  If you are able to control them remotely, then remote access is enabled for them.
  • Try rebooting your router and modem.
  • If none of these steps help, give our support team a call.  For more information, click here.
NOTE:  Some ISP services like Google Fi has a VPN service that can prevent your Wemo from linking to the Google Home.  In this particular case, Google VPN is blocking and preventing linking.  This happens because the Wemo cloud compares the WAN IP address of the request with the WAN IP address of the Wemo device.  Disable the VPN service to enable linking to Google Home.

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