How to connect your Nintendo 3DS™ to the wireless network

The Nintendo 3DS™ needs to be connected to the Internet for you to be able to access online information, get downloadable content, and access the Nintendo eShop.  This article will help you connect your Nintendo 3DS to your wireless network.

Before proceeding, make sure that you do the following:
  • Ensure that the wireless function of the Nintendo 3DS has been switched ON.
  • Ensure that your router is connected to the Internet and that the wireless network of your router is not hidden.
  • Take note of your wireless network name (SSID) and password.  For instructions on checking or changing these settings on your Belkin router, click here.  If your router uses the Belkin Dashboard, click here.
Connecting your Nintendo 3DS to the wireless network

Step 1:
On the main Nintendo 3DS screen, tap the Settings icon.

Step 2:
Once the Settings screen loads, tap the Internet Settings option.

Step 3:
Tap Connection Settings.
Step 4:
You should see a list of connections.  Tap the New Connection button.

NOTE:  If your list of connections is full, tap any of the listed connection profiles you are not using then tap Delete Settings > Delete.

Step 5:
When the following prompt appears, tap the Manual Setup option.

Step 6:
Tap Search for Access Point.  Your Nintendo 3DS will then start searching for access points within range and will display a list once finished.
Step 7:
Tap your wireless network name (SSID) from the list.  If it's not displayed, tap Try Again.

Step 8:
Using the onscreen keyboard, enter the wireless password then tap OK.

NOTE:  WPA™ and WPA2 keys are case-sensitive (abc is different from ABC).  WEP keys are hexadecimal (0-9 and a-f) characters and are not case-sensitive.
Step 9:
Tap OK on the next two (2) prompts to save your wireless settings and test your connection.

Step 10:
A Connection Test successful message should display on your lower screen.  Tap OK to return to the connections list screen.


Your Nintendo 3DS should now be connected to the wireless network.  To verify connectivity, open any online game or application.  If you are having trouble connecting your device, you may try opening some ports in your Belkin router.  For instructions, click here.  If you are using the Belkin Dashboard, click here.


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