What to do if the Power LED on the Miracast Video Adapter does not light up?

The Miracast Video Adapter's green LED lights up when it is powered ON.  If the LED indicator does not light up, this may be because the adapter is not connected or installed properly.  Follow the instructions below to solve this concern:

Tip #1:  Make sure that the adapter properly connected.  It could be that the adapter is not plugged firmly into the USB port and the power supply.
Tip #2:  Plug the video adapter into a different USB port on your TV.  There could be USB ports on the TV that may not provide power.
Tip #3: Ensure that your TV is switched ON.
Tip #4: Use a different TV to isolate the problem. It could be that the TV currently in use is not working properly.
If this doesn't resolve the issue, you may need to contact Belkin Technical Support.

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