Replacing the battery of the Belkin Residential Gateway (RG) Battery Backup, BU3DC001

The Belkin Residential Gateway (RG) Battery Backup, BU3DC001 is designed with an easy-access battery door.  If you want to replace the battery, you need to remove the battery door located at the back panel of the device.  To know more about the Belkin BU3DC001, click here.

This article will guide you on how to properly replace your battery.


Step 1:
Turn OFF the power switch then disconnect the Belkin BU3DC001-12V from the power outlet and any devices connected to it.

Step 2:
Remove the battery door on the back panel of the Belkin BU3DC001-12V by pressing the tab on the top of the battery door and pulling it outward.



Step 3:
Detach the battery from the enclosure and remove the wire connections from the battery.



Step 4:
Connect the new battery (black to black, red to red) then place the battery into the enclosure.




IMPORTANT:  Make sure that you properly connect the wires to the correct terminals.  The replacement battery has color-coded terminals (the red portion is indicated by + and the black one is -).  Connect the black wire to the black terminal and the red wire to its corresponding terminal as well.

Step 5:
Re-install the battery door properly.



You should now have replaced your Belkin BU3DC001-12V Battery Backup.

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