Accessing and navigating the Miracast Video Adapter’s user interface

The Miracast Video Adapter's user interface is the first screen that you will see after successfully connecting the adapter to your TV.  You can navigate through the interface and select options using your TV's remote.  The user interface shows the available devices that are connected to the video adapter as well as its status.

To access the user interface of the video adapter, you need to set it up with your TV first.

Setting up the video adapter with the TV

Step 1:
Turn your TV ON.
Step 2:
Connect the video adapter to your TV's USB port using the USB power cable that came with the adapter.

Step 3:
Connect the video adapter directly to an HDMI port on the TV.
NOTE:  Take note of the port number you connected to.  It is recommended to use HDMI 1 for optimal performance.

Step 4:
Set your TV's input selector to the HDMI port you connected to.
Your Miracast Video Adapter will now start up and display instructions in connecting your smartphone, display the list of connected devices and other functional icons on your TV screen.

QUICK TIP:  To pair your device with the Miracast Video Adapter, make sure that they are connected to the same wireless network.


Navigating the video adapter's user interface

To refresh the user interface, select the Refresh icon.
To access the Settings menu, select the Gear icon.
NOTE:  In order to use your TV's remote to navigate the user interface, make sure that both the TV and the remote must be compatible with HDMI CEC.  Also, the feature must be enabled on your TV.  This feature can be enabled in the Settings menu of your TV.
The HDMI CEC may also be referred to as any of the following:
  • Anynet+ (Samsung)
  • Aquos Link (Sharp)
  • BRAVIA Link & BRAVIA Sync (Sony)
  • E-link (AOC)
  • Kuro Link (Pioneer)
  • CE-Link &Regza Link (Toshiba)
  • RIHD (Onkyo)
  • RuncoLink (Runco International)
  • SimpLink (LG)
  • T-Link (ITT)
  • HDAVI Control (Panasonic)
  • EZ-Sync (Panasonic)
  • VIERA Link (Panasonic)
  • EasyLink (Philips)
  • NetCommand for HDMI (Mitsubishi)
If your TV's brand name is not in the list, contact your TV/remote manufacturer to see if it supports HDMI CEC.

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