Belkin YourType™ Bluetooth® Wireless Keypad, F8T067 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Belkin YourType™ Bluetooth® Wireless Keypad, F8T067?

The Belkin YourType™ Bluetooth® Wireless Keypad, F8T067 is a wireless keypad that you can connect to your iMac®, MacBook Pro
® or MacBook®, which adds command and number keys.

2. What devices are compatible with the Belkin F8T067?

It is compatible with iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook.

3. Can I use the Belkin F8T067 together with the Apple® wireless keyboard?


4. Do I need batteries for the Belkin F8T067?

Yes, you need two AA batteries.

QUICK TIP:  To know how to insert the batteries and set up your keypad, click here.

5. How do I power ON the Belkin F8T067?

Press and hold the Power button located on the right side of the keypad.  The light right above the F16 key will turn ON when the keypad is powered ON.

6.  What should I do if the Belkin
F8T067 connects at first but then stops working after 2-3 minutes?
Power OFF the Belkin
F8T067 and connect to it again.
7.  What should I do if the Belkin
F8T067 is still not connecting after following the setting up and connecting instructions?
Try turning the Bluetooth® OFF and remove the batteries for a few seconds.  Once done, put the batteries back into the Belkin F8T067
and turn the Bluetooth back ON.
NOTE:  Doing this may require you to set up and connect the Belkin
F8T067 again.  To set up and connect again, click here.
8.  Why is it asking me to input numbers while the Belkin
F8T067 is connecting?
The Belkin
F8T067 may ask you to enter number while it is trying to connect.  When this happens, click here for instructions on how to connect the Belkin F8T067.

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