Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter - 100 Metres, F8T008 - Software and Drivers

The Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter - 100 Metres, F8T008 lets you create efficient communication between your USB desktop PC or notebook and devices using Bluetooth® wireless technology - without physical connectors or cables.  This article will provide you updates of your Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter - 100 Metres, F8T008.

The Software and Drivers for this adapter cannot be downloaded directly because of Copyright reasons.  You will need to register with your name and the Serial Number of your adapter in order to download.

NOTE:  If you need help in finding your serial number, click here.

Register to download the Software and Drivers

Installing the device on Windows® 7

Most Belkin Bluetooth USB adapters install automatically without any extra software on Windows® 7.  Simply plug the device into a spare USB slot.  Windows 7 should automatically recognize the device and install the necessary drivers and software.  If you encounter any issues, install the latest drivers from the chipset manufacturer.  To do this, click here.

Can I use the Belkin Bluetooth adapters on my Apple® computer running Mac OS®?

Yes, as long as the Apple computer in question is running Mac OS 10.2 or later, then the necessary Bluetooth drivers are built into the operating system.  All you need to do is plug it in and you should be able to use Bluetooth.  Also, note that the exact Bluetooth services you can use will be determined by the services offered by the Apple Bluetooth stack.

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