How to change the Media Controls of the Belkin SoundForm Wireless Earbuds

The Belkin SoundForm™ Wireless Earbuds have touch-sensitive buttons for controlling the following functionalities.
  • Play / Pause
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Next Song
  • Previous Song
  • Voice Assistance
  • None

It is important to note that setting the option to None in the Belkin SoundForm app will cause that control method to NOT activate anything. 

To change the Media Controls, your earbuds must be powered ON and connected to your phone or tablet.
Each earbud has four available touch options. They can be set either independently of each other or to control the same function on that earbud or on both earbuds.
Touch ControlDescription
Single TapA single quick press of the earbud touchpad
Double TapPress two times on the earbud touchpad
Triple TapThree successive presses of the earbud touchpad
Tap and HoldPress your finger and hold on to the touchpad

How to change the controls

1. Open the Belkin SoundForm™ app and choose your earbuds from the device list.

2. Scroll down to the Earbud Controls section and tap on Media Controls.

3. Tap on the earbud control option that you want to change to bring up the functions that can be set.

4. Tap on the function that you want to assign to each touch control. Tap the back arrow (<) when finished.

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