Belkin SoundForm app Multipoint functionality

What is Multipoint?

Multipoint is a feature that pairs two devices simultaneously and switches seamlessly without disconnecting and reconnecting. This feature can be toggled ON or OFF using your Belkin SoundForm™ app.


How does Multipoint work?

You have paired the Belkin earbuds with both your laptop and your phone. Currently, you are using your laptop to play audio on your Belkin earbuds while you work. When a phone call comes through your earbuds, it will automatically switch over to the incoming phone call on your phone and begin playing the ringing tone in your ears. The audio playback on your laptop will be paused when switching over.


How to toggle Multipoint ON and OFF?

Multipoint will only function if your earbuds are paired with and connected to two devices at the same time.

1. Open the Belkin SoundForm app and choose your earbuds from the device list.

2. On the main page for your earbuds, scroll down to the Additional Settings section and tap on the Multipoint slider to toggle ON or OFF. Green means Multipoint is ON.

If the Belkin earbuds are only paired with or connected to a single device, you can still toggle the Multipoint feature ON and OFF, but you will see no changes until you connect to a second Bluetooth® source.

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