The Belkin SoundForm app Scene presets

The Scene is a Belkin SoundForm app feature that allows you to quickly change the audio settings on your compatible device. This feature is available in the Belkin SoundForm app when a compatible audio product is paired with your device.

Scene Presets

DefaultNoise cancellation is OFF
Equalizer set to Belkin Signature Sound preset
ImmerseNoise cancellation is ON
Equalizer set to Bass Boost preset
VoiceHear-Through ON at 25%
Equalizer set to Vocal preset
RelaxNoise cancellation is ON
Equalizer set to Treble Reduce preset
AwareHear-Through ON at 75%
Equalizer set to Bass Reduce preset
WatchNoise cancellation is ON
Equalizer set to Balanced preset
If you have a Scene preset chosen and you change either the Noise Control setting or the Equalizer setting, it will stop showing the chosen Scene as active. If the Noise Control and Equalizer settings are changed to those used by a different Scene, then that scene will show as active.

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