How to set up the Belkin AUC003 with Apple Find My

The Belkin SOUNDFORM™ Immerse Noise Cancelling Earbuds, AUC003 features Apple® Find My functionality built into the charging case.  If you ever misplace your earbuds and case, you can use your iOS or macOS® device, and the Apple Find My app will locate your earbuds and case.

NOTE:  The Apple Find My feature only works with iOS and macOS devices.  This functionality is built into the charging case only.

Step 1:
Turn ON the Apple Find My functionality on your Belkin AUC003 by pressing the multifunction button on the back of the case (next to the USB-C® port) three times.

NOTE:  You will hear a two-beep tone to signify it is turned ON.

Step 2:
Open the Apple Find My app on your iOS or macOS device.

Step 3:
Tap on Items > Add Item.

Step 4:
Tap on Other Supported Item.

Step 5:
The Find My app will search for your headphones.  When found, it will prompt you to connect to them.  Tap Connect to move on.

Step 6:
Choose a name for your headphones.  Tap on the name to bring up an on-screen keyboard or tap Continue to move on.

Step 7:
Your headphones will now be registered to your iCloud® account.  This will allow you to locate them with the Find My app on any iOS or MacOS device that you are logged into.  Tap on Continue to finish the setup.

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