Overview of the Belkin SoundForm app Settings screen

The Belkin SoundForm™ app Settings screen contains information not only about the app but also about the device that is connected to it. You can also find support for your SoundForm device, submit feedback, and view available SoundForm products.
  • Firmware Updates – This contains information about the firmware for your currently connected Belkin SoundForm device. A red dot indicates that a firmware update is available.
  • Locate Device – This allows you to locate compatible Belkin SoundForm devices by playing sound through them.
  • About Device – This shows information about the Belkin SoundForm device and allows you to change settings.
  • Support – This takes you to the Belkin support website to find useful guides on how to use the Belkin SoundForm product.
  • App Info – This lists out important information about the Belkin SoundForm app.
  • Submit Feedback – This allows you to submit feedback on the Belkin SoundForm app or the Belkin SoundForm device.
  • Shop SOUNDFORM – This takes you to the Belkin website to view the full line of Belkin SoundForm products.

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