Determining the battery or charge level of the Belkin earbuds

The Belkin SoundForm™ charging case and earbuds feature a status light to indicate their charging level. The status lights are independent of each other, meaning each device will show its current status.

Determining the charge level of the case

The charging case features a single status light on the front of the unit. Opening the case will show its charge level.

Light ColorCharge Level
RedLow charge (less than 50%)
OrangeHalf charge (at least 50%)
WhiteFull charge

Determining the charge level of the earbuds

Each earbud features a status light at the end of the earbud stem to signify its level. Opening the earbud case with the earbuds in it will show their status.


Light Color and BehaviorCharge Level
Flashing whiteLow charge (less than 50%)
Solid whiteFull charge

Determining the charge level using the Belkin SoundForm app

The Belkin SoundForm app device screen allows you to see at a glance basic information about your battery status. If your device has a built-in battery, the status will be shown in the Battery Status section.

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