How to set up Automations on the Wemo Doorbell

Automations is a feature of Apple® HomeKit® that allows you to have your smart devices perform actions automatically.  The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell, WDC010 acts as a motion sensor for your Apple Home devices and can be set to activate different automations.

Available triggers

  • Detects Motion:  Triggers an automation when your doorbell begins to sense motion in its field of view.  This is useful for automations such as turning on lights when someone comes into the cameras view. 
  • Stop Detecting Motion:  Triggers an automation after your doorbell stops sensing a motion event.  This is useful for automations such as turning off lights after everyone has left an area.
  • Time:  Choose a time of the day you want to have this trigger be active. 
    • Anytime:  The trigger is active all day every day. 
    • During the day:  The trigger is active only during daylight hours. 
    • At night:  The trigger is active only during night hours 
    • Specific times:  Allows you to specify a time and duration that the trigger is active. 
  • People:  Choose the trigger based on Home members geolocation. 
    • OFF:  No impact on trigger. 
    • When somebody is home:  When any member of the Home is at the same location as the doorbell. 
    • When I am home:  When you are at the same location as the doorbell. 
    • When nobody is home:  When no members of the home are at the location of the doorbell. 
    • When I am not home:  When you are not at the same location as the doorbell. 

Creating an Automation 

Step 1:  Open the Apple Home app and locate the tile for your doorbell.

Step 2:  Tap on the tile to load the camera then tap on the gear icon to go to the camera settings.

Step 3:  Tap on Add Automation.

Step 4:  Choose your trigger settings and tap on Next to continue. 

Step 5:  Tap on the scenes or devices you want this automation to control and tap on Next

Step 6:  Confirm all your scenes and devices that you want this automation to control are listed.  On this screen, you can change any device settings by pressing and holding on the device tile.  You can test the automation to ensure it is doing what you want, or tap Done to save and activate. 

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