How to reboot your Wemo Doorbell

If you are having trouble using your Wemo Smart Video Doorbell, WDC010, an easy troubleshooting step to try is to reboot the unit.  Rebooting the Wemo Doorbell requires you to remove it from its mount and press the reset button.

The Reset button on the Wemo Doorbell is located on the back of the unit.  You will need a Torx T6 security bit or screwdriver to unscrew the security screw on the bottom of the Wemo Doorbell to remove it from the mounting plate.  A Torx T6 security screwdriver was included in the package of the Wemo Doorbell.

NOTE:  Rebooting the Wemo Doorbell is not the same as performing a factory restore.  Rebooting will not remove any custom settings.

Step 1:  Unscrew the security screw from the bottom of the Wemo Doorbell and remove it from the mounting bracket.

Step 2:  Use a small object like a pen or the Torx screwdriver tip to press and hold the reset button for 1 to 2 seconds or until all the lights on the Wemo Doorbell turn OFF.  Release the button to continue the reboot.

Step 3:  Place the Wemo Doorbell back on the mounting bracket and put the security screw back in place.

Your Wemo Doorbell will reboot and connect back to your WiFi.  This will take about 30 seconds total.

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