Troubleshooting issues on the Wemo Doorbell

The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell, WDC010 provides a simple way to secure your home.  Featuring live video streaming, it works with your existing Apple® HomeKit® devices to alert you when someone is at your door or record video of people that come up to your door.  The Wemo Doorbell integrates with your existing iCloud Account to record and store video without needing a separate account.

My phone is not recognizing the doorbell when I place it near it during setup

If you are trying to use the NFC setup method to set up your Wemo Doorbell please make sure that your iOS device supports NFC connections.  If it does, try slowly moving your device up and down while placed within 1 inch or closer to the doorbell.  If NFC setup still doesn’t work you will need to use the HomeKit code included in the quick start guide or located on the back of the doorbell unit. 

My doorbell chime is not ringing when the doorbell is pressed 
1.  Please make sure your doorbell chime is mechanical.  The Wemo Doorbell is only compatible with mechanical doorbell chimes. 
2.  If you are using iOS 14 or higher, open the Home app and check for the Chime Doorbell setting.  By default the Home app sets this to off.  Toggle it ON and try again. 
3.  If you just installed your doorbell or recently experienced a power outage, please allow up to 30 minutes for the internal battery to charge in the Wemo Doorbell.  This battery is used to ring your mechanical chime. 
4.  Make sure that you installed the doorbell power kit correctly.  Some chimes may be wired incorrectly. 
5.  Make sure that you are using the correct size doorbell transformer.  You will need a 16V / 30VA or 24V / 30VA transformer for proper functionality. 
6.  Contact an electrician.  If your house is older, it is possible that the transformer is not strong enough to power the doorbell and chime at the same time.  An electrician can confirm that your doorbell wiring and transformer are in good condition. 

My doorbell won’t connect to my wireless network 

The Wemo Doorbell WDC010 uses HomeKit for setup.  All settings are transferred by your iOS device directly to the Wemo Doorbell.  If you have confirmed that the signal strength is strong in the location where you are placing your doorbell, try resetting your WiFi settings in your iOS device and then do setup again. 

1.  Open the settings app 
2.  Tap on Wi-Fi 
3.  Find the listings for your Wi-Fi networks and tap on the i next to them. 
4.  Tap on Forget This Network 
5.  Re-connect your iOS device to your WiFi and try setup again.

The Home App says my doorbell is not available, but I am still getting notifications 

It is possible that your camera is having trouble connecting to your network and needs to be rebooted. Follow the reboot steps to bring your camera back online. 

My Doorbell makes a clicking noise when it is getting dark 

This is normal.  The clicking sound you are hearing is the camera shutter as the Wemo Doorbell switches from the daytime (high light) camera to a nighttime (low light) camera. 

The Home App says I cannot view my Doorbell that someone else is using it 

If you receive this message, check all users associated with your Home to see if anyone or any device is viewing the live feed of the doorbell.  You can also try rebooting the doorbell which will stop all current live streams to it. 

I can’t view my Wemo Doorbell video feed while I am remote 

Remote video feed functionality requires a stable internet connection on your iOS device along with a Home hub on the same network and home as your Wemo Doorbell.  If you have a Home Hub on your WiFi and it is on the same Home as your doorbell, try rebooting the Home Hub to see if that helps. 

I am getting too many notifications from my doorbell 

Notifications are handled on each individual iOS device by the Home App.  This means some devices can be set to receive more notifications than others.  If you are receiving constant notifications, it is possible that the motion sensing settings for that iOS device are set too high.  A setting of Any Motion is Detected is the most sensitive and will cause constant notifications and clip recording.  Try setting it to specific motion is detected to lower the sensitivity. 

I can’t view my Wemo Doorbell video feed when on cellular data 

The Apple Home app has its own cellular data settings that will keep you from viewing the video feed while on a cellular data connection. Open the iOS settings, tap on cellular and make sure the slider for Home is turned on (green).  This will allow the Home app to use cellular data on your device. If cellular data is on and you are still having problems try the troubleshooting steps for vieing the video feed while remote. 

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