How to set up notifications on the Wemo Doorbell

The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell, WDC010 provides a simple way to secure your home.  Featuring live video streaming, it works with your existing Apple HomeKit devices to alert you when someone is at your door or record video of people that come up to your door.  The Wemo Doorbell integrates with your existing iCloud Account to record and store video without needing a separate account.

The Apple Home app allows for notifications from your Wemo Doorbell based on different events.  Below are steps on how to get to the notifications and change them along with what each notification does.

NOTE:  Notifications are specific to an iOS device.  This means each iOS device associated with your home can set what type of notifications it will receive from the Doorbell.

Step 1:  Open your Apple Home app and navigate to your doorbell.  Tap on the tile to open the Doorbell window then tap on the gear icon to open the doorbell settings.

Step 2:  Tap on Notifications.

Step 3:  Toggle ON or OFF notification settings.

NOTE:  Some notifications are global settings, and some are specific to the iOS device you are using. 
  • Allow Shapshots in Notifications - Your Wemo Doorbell will send a snapshot of what the camera sees with the notification message.  This will show up in your devices notification center.
  • Status Change Notifications - Notifications are sent when a mode change is done on the camera. 
  • Notify When Camera Goes Offline - You will be notified if the camera goes offline and is not reporting back to your Home network. 
  • Notifications on This iPhone/iPad - Toggle ON or OFF notifications for this specific iOS device.  This is not a global setting. 
  • Time - Limit when notifications can be sent from your camera. 
  • People - Only show notifications for certain people.  This requires Facial Recognition to be set up. 
  • Doorbell Notifications - Notify when the doorbell button is pressed. 
  • Activity Notifications - Toggle ON or OFF notifications for motion being detected.  This does not impact any other notifications such as the button being pressed or the camera going offline. 

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