Understanding the light behavior of the Wemo Doorbell

The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell, WDC010 features three lights on the front to help tell the status of the unit.  Depending on the light color combination, your Wemo Doorbell can be in multiple different statuses.

Details on the Wemo Doorbell's light behavior are specified below:

Status descriptionStatus lightLight barLight ring
Unit OFF (no power)OFFOFFOFF
RebootingSolid whiteSolid whiteSolid white
Setup modeFlashing blueOFF
Connecting to WiFiPulse white and blue
HomeKit connection errorOFFYellow
ReadySolid blueSolid white
Identify in Home appFlashing white
Streaming videoSolid redSolid white
Motion detectedFlashing whiteSolid white
Doorbell pressedFlashing blue
Two-way communicationSolid blue
Low power / overheat warningOFFSolid redOFF
WiFi resetOFFYellow
Factory restoreRed

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