How to locate your device using the SoundForm app

The SoundForm app allows you to locate your compatible SoundForm device by playing a tone to it. It can help locate an earbud that may be misplaced but connected to your device.

NOTE: Locating a device with the SoundForm app is not the same as locating using the Apple
® Find My® functionality. The Apple Find My functionality will locate the charging case, while the SoundForm app can only locate SoundForm-connected audio devices. The SoundForm audio device must be powered ON and connected to the SoundForm app to locate it.

To locate your device using the SoundForm app, follow the steps below.

1. Open the SoundForm app and navigate to the Settings screen. 

2. Tap on Locate Device.
3. A list of compatible connected devices will be shown. Tap on the tile for the device you wish to locate. A warning pop-up message will show before the sound starts playing to let you know that a loud sound will play in a moment and to remove the earbuds in your or someone else’s ears.

NOTE: The Locate with Apple Find My feature is only available on Belkin Immerse AUC003.

4. Tap on Play Sound to continue or Cancel to not play the sound.
5. A sound will begin to play on the chosen device. Once you have located the device, tap on the tile again to stop the sound from playing. 

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