How to update your device firmware using the Belkin SoundForm app

The Belkin SoundForm app will alert you to firmware updates for your compatible Belkin SoundForm audio devices and allow you to update them. Before you begin, the Belkin SoundForm app must be open, and the device connected to the app.
1. Open the Belkin SoundForm app and navigate to the Settings screen.

2. A red dot will appear if a firmware update is available. Tap on the Firmware Updates tile.
3. The firmware release notes will be shown along with the firmware version and file size. Tap on Update to begin the update process.

If you need help with updating your firmware, tap on Need help? to visit the Belkin support site. If you don’t want to update right now tap on the back arrow (<) to return to the Settings screen.


4. The firmware update will begin, and a message will appear with a progress bar. Make sure to keep your earbuds powered ON and connected to your device while the update is performed.


5. Once the firmware has been updated, you will be prompted with steps to complete the process. Depending upon the device you have, the steps may be different so make sure to read first what is required. Tap on Got it.

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