How to remove your iPhone from the Belkin WIZ010

The Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand with MagSafe, WIZ010, features the Apple® MagSafe® magnetic technology.  This allows for easy alignment of devices and provides a strong and secure grip to hold your phone in place while charging.

The strength of the MagSafe magnetic surface allows for your phone to be charged stylishly on the Belkin WIZ010 and appear to be floating in the air.  The magnetic connection can also provide a bit of resistance when removing your phone from the stand.

Your iPhone® can be removed easily and safely with one hand by following these steps:

Step 1:
Grasp your phone by either the top or bottom of the phone.

Step 2:
Using a peeling motion, pull your phone away from the stand.

Keep in mind that attempting to remove the iPhone from the charging stand by grasping the center of the phone will not provide enough leverage to easily remove it with one hand.  This can cause the stand to move unless it is held in place with your other hand.

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