How to set up your Wemo Smart Plug with Apple HomeKit

Setup of your new Wemo® Smart Plug using the Apple® Home app is quick and easy with a HomeKit® setup code.
Step 1:  Plug in your Wemo Smart Plug.

Step 2:  Wait for the light on the plug to blink white and orange (alternating).

NOTE:  If you don’t have the Apple Home app, go to the App Store® and download it.

Step 3:  Launch the Apple Home app.

Step 4:  Add your Wemo Smart Plug in the Home app.

Step 5:  When prompted, scan the HomeKit setup code on the quick start guide that came in the box with the plug.  The code is also on the plug itself.

If you want to control your plug with the Apple Home app while away from home, you’ll need a home hub that is always connected to the internet.  This may be a HomePod®, an Apple TV® (4K or HD with the latest tvOS™) or an iPad® (with the latest iOS).

What does the light color tell me?

The light on your Wemo Smart Plug provides information about the plug’s performance and status.

User-added imageSolid whiteYour Wemo is turned ON and working normally.
User-added imageBlinking whiteYour Wemo is starting up or is updating its firmware.
User-added imageSolid orangeThe Wi-Fi signal is weak.  Move your Wemo closer to your router.
User-added imageBlinking orangeYour Wemo is not connected to the Wi-Fi.  Unplug your router and Wemo then plug them back in.
User-added imageAlternating white and orangeYour Wemo is ready for setup.

Trouble setting up with HomeKit?

If the app tells you “Couldn’t add accessory”

  • Sometimes the light on the plug will blink two colors – indicating ready to set up – before the plug is truly ready.  Unplug the Wemo, plug it back in, and wait a minute after the light starts blinking two colors before trying to set up. 
  • Wemo devices work on your Wi-Fi’s 2.4 GHz band.  Many routers have two bands; 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.  Make sure your phone is connected to the 2.4 GHz band.  If you have a mesh Wi-Fi system, it’s likely your bands share a name.  If you can, use your router’s app or website to give your bands separate names so you can be sure which you’re connecting to.

If the app tells you “Accessory is not reachable” or “Accessory Not Found”
  • You might not have completed setup in the 15-minute window after plugging in your Wemo.  Unplug the Wemo, plug it back in, and wait a minute after the light starts blinking two colors before trying to set up.
  • Your phone could be too far away from your Wemo.
  • Your Wemo could be unplugged.
  • You might have scanned the wrong HomeKit setup code.

If the app tells you, “Setup code is incorrect”
  • Check the setup code you entered.

If the app tells you “Network unavailable”
  • Make sure your modem and router (or modem router) are turned ON and working properly and that your phone is still on the same Wi-Fi you started setup on.

General tips for setup
  • Before starting, on the iOS device you are using to set up the plug, make sure you are signed in to your iCloud® account and the Home switch is turned ON. 
  • Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on the phone you are using to set up the plug.
  • If you are setting up more than one plug, plug in each one as you set it up and make sure you’re scanning the correct HomeKit setup code.
  • Try resetting your plug to factory settings.  First, unplug it then hold down the power button and plug it back in.  Keep holding the power button for 5 seconds while the plug restarts.        

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