Overview of the Wemo Dimmer Drawer in the Devices tab

The Wemo Dimmer Drawer section of the Wemo app is where you can control the Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer, WDS060 features such as Brightness, Sleep timer, Night Mode, and Long Press rule.

To access the Wemo Dimmer drawer from the Devices tab, tap on the drop-down arrow below the brightness level.


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This option will allow you to adjust the brightness level of your bulb.

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This option allows you to configure the SLEEP timer settings.


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  • TimerThis option allows you to set a timer to turn OFF bulbs. You can choose from 1 minute to 30 minutes timer.
  • Fade out:  This option allows you to turn OFF/ON the fade out feature if you want the bulb to fade out when the timer ends.
  • Start Timer:  Tap on this option when you are ready for the sleep timer to begin.  Once you press the start timer button, it will turn into a Cancel Timer.  Tap if you need to cancel the timer.


This option configures the brightness of your bulb for night mode.  This setting will allow you to set lights to make them dimmer. 

NOTE:  This option is set to Disabled by default.

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Tap on the Status section to enter the Night Mode settings.

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  • Night Mode:  This option allows you to enable or disable the night mode settings.
  • Brightness:  This option allows you to adjust the brightness level of your bulb.
  • Start:  This option is where you select the start time to enable night mode settings.
  • End:  This option is where you select the end time to disable night mode settings.


The Long Press rule allows a Wemo device to control another Wemo device or a set of Wemo devices just by pressing the power button for 2 seconds.  To know more, click here.

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Tap on Create a Long Press Rule to go to Long Press settings.

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  • When I Long Press:  This is where you select a Wemo Dimmer or Light switch.
  • Do This:  This option is where to select an action such as:
    • Turn On:  To turn the Wemo device ON
    • Turn Off:  To turn the Wemo device OFF
    • Turn On/Off:  Toggles the state of the device you want to control.  This means if it is ON, it will turn it OFF or the other way around.
  • Put in Away Mode:  This will enable the Away Mode rule.  To know how to create an Away Mode rule, click here.
  • For These:  This is where you select other Wemo devices for the action to take place.

Hide Errors

Hide errors will temporarily hide a persistent error.  You can enable this feature by tapping on the Hide Errors button in the Wemo app or by single tapping the white bar on the Wemo Dimmer.

  • Tapping on the Wemo Dimmer LED bar will hide the errors for 24 hours.

  • Tapping on the Hide Errors button will provide options such as one hour, until tomorrow, or for a week.

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