Why is the Belkin SOUNDFORM™ True Wireless Earbuds, AUC001 playing only on one ear


"When initially pairing my earbuds, the audio will only play on one earbud."


This can happen when pairing your Belkin SOUNDFORM™ True Wireless Earbuds, AUC001 for the first time.  This can be resolved through the following:

Rebooting your earbuds

Putting both earbuds inside the charging case and closing the lid for 5 seconds will cause them to disconnect from your Bluetooth® device and reboot.  Once you take them out of the case, both earbuds will turn ON and reconnect to your Bluetooth device.  The Audio should now play from both earbuds.

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Factory resetting and pairing the earbuds again

If rebooting your earbuds does not work, you can try resetting them to their factory settings and pairing them again.  For instructions on how to do this, click

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