Belkin USB-C Multimedia + Charge Adapter (100W), AVC004 Power Information

The Belkin USB-C Multimedia + Charge Adapter (100W), AVC004 adapter supports Gigabit Ethernet, USB-A 3.0, VGA, 4K HDMI, and data transfer through USB-C®, along with up to 100W pass-through power for charging your laptop.

The maximum power input that the Belkin AVC004 will accept from your AC power adapter is 100W.  It requires 8W of power to run and will take this power from the AC adapters provided incoming power, reducing the maximum output to the computer.  This means your computer will receive a maximum of 92W of USB PD pass-through power rather than 100W.   While most computers will simply ignore this minor loss of power, others may experience issues that will impact performance.

Issues you may experience:

  • Your computer will charge but at a slightly slower rate.  The 10W loss may lengthen the charging time of your laptop by a few minutes.
  • Your computer may report it is receiving insufficient current and cannot charge.  Some computers are more sensitive to others to the slight current (Amperage) drop caused by the 10W loss due to the Belkin AVC004 and will refuse to charge through the dock.

Recommended troubleshooting

To resolve power-related issues, follow the tips below when using the Belkin AVC004:

  • A minimum power supply of 65W or higher should be used with the Belkin AVC004, regardless if your computer uses less than 65W.
  • If possible, use a higher wattage-rated power supply than your laptop requires at least 10W higher to compensate for the power used by the dock.

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