Overview of the Devices section on the Wemo App

The Devices section of your Wemo App is where all devices linked to your Wemo Account are located.  You can check the status, as well as control and make changes to your Wemo® devices on this screen.
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RefreshTap this to refresh the device list.


To edit a Wemo device, tap on Edit then select a Wemo.  The options to edit are:
  • You can customize the photo of your Wemo device
  • Rename your Wemo
  • Reset Options:
    • Clear Personalized Info This will erase the customized name you had given it, customized icon, and any rules.
    • Change Wi-Fi This will delete your Wi-Fi settings on the Wemo device, and you will need to set it up again on the new Wi-Fi.
    • Factory Restore – Erases all settings and returns your Wemo to factory defaults.
Add a Wemo
To begin setting up a new Wemo device, just tap on the plus sign, select the type of device and follow the instructions provided.
Power Buttons
These are virtual power buttons which will allow you to turn your Wemo ON or OFF.

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