Why is the Wemo App asking to reconnect to third party Partners

When you move your existing Wemo® installation to a Wemo Account, there are changes made on the Wemo Cloud Server regarding the way your Wemo devices are grouped and controlled.  These changes will unlink the connection with any third party control services (Partners) that you may use to control your Wemo devices.

If you associate with one of the third party Partners to control your Wemo devices, the Wemo App will detect this and inform you that you need to reconnect to these services.  You have the option of doing this at the time of creating your account, or at a later time through the Wemo App.

The Wemo App will only display a list of the Partner services that you have linked with your Wemo devices.

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  • Tap the Reconnect button to reconnect any service you want to use.
  • Tap I’ll Do This Later if you would rather do it at another time.

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