Using Rules with Wemo Accounts

Your Wemo® Account allows you to have Wemo devices in multiple locations linked to a single account.  All these devices can now reside in different locations but can still be controlled from a single Wemo App.

Wemo Rules are now linked to your Wemo Account.  A copy of the rules is stored in your account on the Wemo Cloud Server.  Whenever you add a new Wemo device to your Wemo Account, or log into your account on a new smartphone or tablet, a copy of the rules is pushed to your Wemo App or device from the cloud.

Your Wemo Account is also linked to a geographical time zone based upon the first location where the account was created and the Wemo devices it was set up on.  This means that all Wemo devices linked to your account will share the same time zone data regardless of their physical location.  If you add Wemo devices at other locations or link other locations to your Wemo Account, they will all be set to the same time zone as your initial network.

NOTE:  Wemo App images may vary depending on your device's operating system.  In the examples below, an iOS device is used. 

How do I know what time zone my Wemos are using?

When creating a rule for a Wemo device, your Wemo App will prompt you with the time zone in use.

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Can I change the time zone being used?

Yes, you can.  When in the rule creation screen, you will see the time zone being used.
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To search for a new location, type your preferred city in the search field and tap search
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After you select a city from the menu, you will be taken back to the time selection screen for your rule.  The time zone will update after you choose the time you want for the rule to function.  Tap Done to continue.

How does this impact the rules that are currently running? 

Rules will run based on the time zone set for your Wemo Account.  If you have Wemo devices located in different time zones, you will need to adjust your rules accordingly.

Sample Scenario:

Your Wemo Account time zone is set to Los Angeles (PST) which is GMT-8, and you are trying to create a rule for a Wemo located in New York (EST) which is GMT-5.  You want this rule to run at 6 PM New York time.


You will need to set your Wemo device to run 3 hours earlier due to the 3-hour time difference from New York and Los Angeles.  Setting the rule to run at 3 PM PST (Los Angeles Time) will cause the rule to run at 6 PM EST (New York Time).

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