How to log out of a Wemo Account

By default, your Wemo App will stay logged into the last Wemo® Account you used.  If you want to log in to a different account, you will first need to log out of the current account the Wemo App is logged into.  Follow the steps below to learn how.

NOTE:  Steps and images may vary depending on your device's operating system.  In the examples below, an iOS device is used. 

Step 1:  Launch the Wemo App and tap More.

NOTE:  If you are using an Android™ device, tap on the gear icon located at the upper-left corner of the Wemo App.

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Step 2:  Under My Account, tap on the account that's currently logged in.
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Step 3:  Tap Log Out.
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Step 4:  Tap on Log Out again to continue, or tap Cancel to go back to the Wemo App.
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You can now log into a different Wemo Account by tapping on the Log In button.  For instructions, click here
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