Reasons why Remote Access is not working properly in Wemo

Remote Access lets you quickly, securely and easily control your Wemo® devices in your home from anywhere.  All you need is an active internet connection (mobile or Wi-Fi).

QUICK TIP:  When Remote Access is set up successfully, your Wi-Fi name will appear in the Wemo App. 
However, if you are unable to manage your Wemo products away from home, here are the possible reasons why:

  • Wrong Wi-Fi name
If your Wemo devices are connected to your Wi-Fi but the Wemo App shows a different name, simply tap on Forget and Disable then re-enable it.  Make sure you do this when you are in the same location as your Wemo devices.
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As soon as you enable Remote Access, the correct Wi-Fi name should appear and you should now be able to control your devices remotely.
  • Remote Access is disabled
Enable Remote Access.  Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Wemo devices.  The Wi-Fi name should appear, and you will be able to control your devices remotely.
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