Wemo Light Switch Overheat Protection Feature

The Wemo® WiFi Smart 3-Way Light Switch, WLS0403 and the Wemo Light Switch, WLS040 have an overheat protection feature that senses heat inside the device.  Once the Wemo Light Switch detects that it has reached the maximum heat threshold, it will automatically turn OFF and send a signal to any associated Wemo Apps so you know that the Wemo 3-Way Light Switch has overheated.

When you see the triangle alert icon on your Wemo Light Switch image, tap on it.

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You then will be redirected to the the screen shown below.

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Tap on the Learn More button to know more about this feature or click on Dismiss.   After dismissing the error, the alert icon will disappear, but you will still be seeing the Cooling off… message under the name of your Wemo device.  Wait until the message no longer appears in order to use the Wemo Light Switch again.

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Why does my Wemo Light Switch overheat? 
The Wemo Light Switch may overheat due to the following reasons:

  • Improper household wiring
  • Improperly maintained Junction box (J-Box)
  • The Wemo Light Switch is pulling too much power (exceeding the wattage rating of the device)
  • Improper ventilation, J-Box design or insulation where the Wemo Light Switch is located
  • Ambient temperatures have exceeded the 40°C maximum temperature of the Wemo Light Switch when running a heavy load

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