Editing the details of your Wemo device using the Apple Home app

The Apple® Home app allows you to customize your devices for easier identification.  This article will walk you through the customization options available to you in the Apple Home app.

Customizing your device in the Apple Home app
Step 1:  Open the Apple Home app.

Step 2:  Locate the device you wish to customize then tap and hold on the device tile to bring up its control menu.

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Step 3:  Tap on the gear icon in the lower right corner to find the device settings screen.
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Step 4:  You can now edit the settings of your device.  Tap on the x icon in the upper right corner when finished.
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Device nameThis is the display name that you have given to the device to help differentiate it from other devices in your Home app.
Room selectionRooms are used to group devices in your Home app.  A device can belong to a single Room at a time.
Display AsThis is used to determine how the tile for your device will appear in the HomeKit® app.  It does not have any bearing on functionality.
Include in FavoritesMarking a device as a favorite will allow it to show on the Home screen of your Home app for quicker access.  It will not impact the Room it belongs to.
Suggested ScenesScenes are like automations but can control multiple devices at a same time.  A device can belong to multiple scenes.

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