Why does the Wemo app on Android require location permission

Like many Android™ apps, Wemo® requires access to certain features of your device to function correctly.  The Wemo app asks permission to access these features.

Why does the Wemo app need my location?
Location permission allows the Wemo app to look around for any Wemo devices that need to be set up.  Wemo does not use or store your location.  You can turn OFF the location permission when you are not setting up a Wemo.
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What location information does the Wemo app use?

Wemo only uses your location to find Wemo devices that have not been set up.

Does the Wemo app store any location information?

No.  Wemo does not store, share, or sell your location data.

To see Wemo's privacy policy, click
here.  To learn more about Android and location permission, click here.

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