Manually entering the Apple HomeKit code

The Apple® HomeKit®​ code is used by the Apple Home app to detect your Wemo® devices as an accessory and add it to the Apple Home app.  The Apple HomeKit code is provided in the Quick Install Guide and can also be found at the back of the Wemo device. 

IMPORTANT:  The HomeKit code is unique to each Wemo device.  If you have more than one of the same Wemo device, make sure it matches the Wemo you are setting up.  For more information about Apple HomeKit-supported Wemo products, click

Wemo Mini

2nd gen Wemo Mini


NOTE:  The 1st gen Wemo Mini does not have a HomeKit code label on the device.  You have to first set up the 1st gen Wemo Mini using the Wemo app to see the HomeKit code in the Hardware Info section of the Wemo app.  For instructions on how to locate the HomeKit code, click here.

Wemo Bridge

Wemo 3-Way Light Switch, WLS0403

Wemo Light Switch, WLS040

Back Panel


Front Panel
NOTE:  For Wemo Light Switches, remove the faceplate to see the code.

Wemo Stage
NOTE:  The HomeKit setup code can be found at the back of the Wemo Stage and in the quick start guide that came with your Wemo Doorbell.  For more information, click here.
Wemo Doorbell

NOTE:  The HomeKit setup code can be found in the quick start guide that came with your Wemo Doorbell.

If there are any issues with not being able to scan the code during setup, you can manually enter the code.  Follow the steps below to know how.

Step 1:  When you are prompted to scan the HomeKit code, tap Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan? link found at the bottom part of the screen.

Step 2:  Tap Enter code... to enter the Apple HomeKit code.  


Step 3:  Enter the eight-digit Apple HomeKit code of your device.

Step 4:  Wait until you see the Your new accessory is ready to use. message.  This means the device has been successfully added.  Follow the rest of the steps on the app to complete the setup.

You have now successfully added the Wemo device to the Apple Home app.

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