Using the Home feature in the Apple Home app

The Home feature in the Apple Home app serve different options for you to maximize the use of your Apple® HomeKit™ device.  Tapping the Home icon on the upper left corner of the Home tab displays the Home details. 
  • Add Home - If you have different Apple HomeKit devices in multiple locations, you can control them by adding each to your home.
NOTE:  Viewing multiple locations require the remote access control enabled on the Apple Home app by having an Apple TV® or iPad® connected to the virtual home location.  You can contact Apple support for further inquiries.
  • NAME - This displays the name of your home.
NOTE:  The default NAME is My Home.  You can personalize it to better identify the location of your home.
  • PEOPLE - You can invite people to let them control your home.  If you need help for this, contact Apple support.
  • HOME WALLPAPER - To better identify your home, you can change the wallpaper that appears in the Home tab.
  • HOME NOTES - You can add notes about your home and share it to all the users of your home.
  • Remove Home - This will remove your virtual home from the Apple Home app.
If you already have multiple homes in your Apple Home app, tapping the Home icon will prompt you to switch to a different home.  Selecting Home Settings... will display the list of your HOMES.  Tapping on a home name will open up the home details.
NOTE:  In order to view remote homes, you need to setup a Home Hub to control your HomeKit accessories remotely. 
Learn more.
QUICK TIP:  There’s also an option to automatically change your home when the Apple Home app detects that you are in a certain area.  Just toggle the Home Switching button to enable.

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