Wemo App Compatibility

Scenario:  Why can’t I find the Wemo App on my iPad®?

segregates their App Store® into two sections:  an iPhone®-only section and an iPad-only section.  When a developer releases an app, they can choose what device type the app is developed for.  Since the Wemo App is designed and developed for smaller screen devices, it can be found in the iPhone section.  If you don’t have an iPhone but have an iPad, don’t worry.  The Wemo App will run on the iPad just like it does on the iPhone.  The iPad has the option of running the App in a magnified mode to help the App utilize more of the available display area.


When searching for the Wemo App on the iPad, the initial results will not include the App since it defaults to show iPad-only apps.  Simply tap on iPhone only and the Wemo App will show up and will be ready for download and installation.
Scenario:  Wemo App is compatible to what iOS version?

The Wemo App works on devices running iOS 9 and higher.  If you attempt to download the Wemo App on devices running older versions of iOS, you will be prompted of a message that this is no longer supported.  If the user downloaded the App before it was made unavailable for the device, you will be asked to download the latest available version.


Make sure your iOS device is up-to-date.  To know how to update your Wemo App, follow the instructions below:
IMPORTANT:  Make sure you are connected to the internet.
Step 1:  Go to Settings.
Step 2:  Tap on General.

Step 3:  Wait for a few seconds, your device will check if it has the latest version.  When completed, press Download and Install.
NOTE:  If Download and Install does not show up, it means that your device is up-to-date.

Scenario:  Why does Android require many App permissions?

In an effort to provide as much information as possible to the user, Google™ will show a list of permissions that each App requires before it is installed.  The Wemo App has certain features that require certain permissions to operate correctly.  Some of these features are named in a way that causes them to sound invasive when they really are not.  A list of the permissions can be found
here.  Android™ allows you to block Apps from having access to certain areas of the phone. 

NOTE:  If the user blocks permissions from the Wemo App, there is a chance that certain features will not function correctly.

Scenario:  The Wemo Android App states it will run on Android 4.4 and higher, but it does not run correctly on my tablet / phone or cannot be installed at all.
Due to the open nature of the Android Platform, each device manufacturer can change the operating system to suit their device.  This has caused some compatibility issues with Apps causing them to either stop working during usage or not start at all.
IMPORTANT:  Due to not being a standard hardware, some devices may not have features required for the Wemo App to run.  The Wemo App uses certain features of the hardware and the Android operating system that are called permissions.  If these permissions are not available to the Wemo App, it can either not run correctly or not be able to be installed at all.


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