Allowing Home Data access in the Wemo app

Apple® HomeKit® uses Home Data to communicate with and organize smart home devices.  Home Data includes unique product keys, product names, your home name, and rooms within the home.  Home Data does not include personal information.

In addition, HomeKit lets the Wemo app and the Apple Home app communicate with each other which is important because the Apple Home app helps connect Wemo® devices to your Wi-Fi when you set them up.  The Apple Home app can also control and automate your Wemo devices.


Why allow access to your Home Data?

Allowing access to your Home Data lets you do the following:
  • Set up your Wemo devices quickly 
  • Control and automate Wemo devices with the Apple Home app
  • Control your Wemo using your voice with Siri®
  • Automatically sync Wemo names between the Wemo app and the Apple Home app
How to allow HomeKit access

NOTE:  The methods below apply to the following Wemo devices:

  • Wemo Mini Smart Plug, F7C063
  • Wemo Insight Smart Plug, F7C029
  • Wemo Switch Smart Plug, F7C027
  • Wemo Bridge, F7C074
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Light Switch, WLS040
  • Wemo Smart Light Switch 3-Way, WLS0403
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer, WDS060

Option 1:  When you launch the Wemo app, you will be asked to allow Home Data access.  Tap OK.
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Option 2:  If you don’t allow access the first time, the Wemo app will ask again when you try to set up certain Wemo devices.  Select Allow Access.
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Option 3:  You can allow Home Data access by going to your phone’s settings then look for the Wemo app.  From there, toggle the Home Data option.
What if I don’t want to allow HomeKit?

Below are alternative setup methods if you do not want to allow HomeKit to access your Home Data:

Set up your Wemo in the Apple Home app

To do this, follow the steps below:
Step 1:  Download and launch the Apple Home app.
Step 2:  Use the Apple Home app to set up your Wemo.  This will connect your Wemo to your Wi-Fi.  For instructions, visit the Apple support site.

Step 3:  Once the setup is complete, launch the Wemo app to control your devices.

Connect to your Wemo’s Wi-Fi after waiting for 15 minutes

Your Wemo will switch to a different setup mode 15 minutes after you plug it in.  After that, follow the steps below:
Step 1:  On your iOS device, go to Settings and connect to your Wemo's Wi-Fi. 
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NOTE:  The name of the Wi-Fi will appear as where XXXX represents the product name and xxx represents the last three digits of the serial number.  In this example, Wemo.Mini.4A2 is the Wemo's Wi-Fi name.

Step 2:  Once connected, launch the Wemo app and follow the on-screen instructions.

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