How to install the Wemo App on your Android™ Jelly Bean device

There are many apps that are beyond supporting the Android™ Jelly Bean.  For Wemo®, this happened sooner than intended when we released a version of the app that does not work with it.  To resolve, Wemo created an Android™ application package (APK) to reinstall a Wemo App version that works with Jelly Bean.  Follow the installation instructions below to know how.

NOTE:  This is the final version of Wemo A​pp that will support Jelly Bean.


Installing the Android Jelly Bean-compatible Wemo App

Installing an App to your Android™ device without using an app store like the Google Play™ store is called side loading.  Please note that the version of the Wemo App on the Google Play store that is compatible with Android Jelly Bean (4.1 – 4.3) is no longer available for download.  In this article, we do offer an official version for users to install on their Android devices.

This article has three parts guiding you on how to obtain and install the Wemo App to your device.
  1. Preparing your Android device
  2. Downloading the Wemo App
  3. Installing the Wemo App
The process is easy and will only take a few minutes to complete.  Should you encounter any issues, you can contact our support team at 1-800-223-5546 for help.

Part 1:  Preparing your Android device
Since we will not use the Google Play store in installing this version of the Wemo App, you will need to change a setting on your phone to allow it to install from a source other than the Google Play™ store.  You can change this back after you install the Wemo App.  Follow the instructions below to know how.
Step 1:  Tap on the Settings icon in your device.
Step 2:  Look for a setting called Privacy or Security.  The name will depend on the device you are running.  Once you find this section, tap on it.
Step 3:  Scroll down and look for a setting called Unknown Sources.  By default this is turned OFF.  Turning this ON will allow you to install the Wemo App that will be downloaded later.

Once you have installed the Wemo App, you can follow these steps again to turn OFF the Unknown Sources setting.

Part 2:  Downloading the Wemo App
Below is the download link of the Wemo App that supports Android Jelly Bean.  For your security, do not download the Wemo App from any third party source.  If asked, save the App to your Android device to install it after the download process.  To verify the integrity of this download, the MD5 Checksum for this App is 107a6482134f0171c2b6098f589e6610.

Download app


Part 3:  Installing the Wemo App
We can now use the Wemo App you just downloaded to install a compatible version to your Android Jelly Bean device.

Step 1:  Locate the Wemo App that you just downloaded.  The default location is the Downloads folder on your Android device.  If you saved it on a different location, navigate to that folder instead.
Step 2:  Tap twice on the Wemo App installer to begin the installation.  You will be asked if you want to install over your currently installed Wemo App.  Choose Y​es to continue.

Once the Wemo App is installed, you will receive a confirmation message.
When launching the App for the first time, it is recommended that you start it while connected to the same Wi-Fi® that your Wemo devices are connected to.  This will help ensure that your Wemo App can locate all of your Wemo devices and provide proper functionality for you.

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