Wemo® Switch and Insight Safety Tips

Below are some safety tips for your Wemo® Switch Smart Plug, F7C027 and Wemo® Insight Smart Plug, F7C029.
  1. Always plug your Wemo Switch or Wemo Insight directly into your wall power outlet.  Do not plug your Wemo into an extension cord, surge protector or any other power tap device.
  2. Confirm that your Wemo Switch or Wemo Insight is properly plugged in to your wall power outlet.  Your Wemo device should sit as flush as possible with the wall outlet.  If it seems loose, please contact an electrician.
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Wemo device is plugged firmly into the outlet and is flush against the wall.
Wemo device is not plugged firmly into the wall.  This puts pressure onto the grounding plug and causes strain on the Wemo device and the outlet.  Also, dust and debris can enter the outlet causing a fire hazard.
  1. Inspect the power outlet you intend to plug your Wemo device into.  If there is any damage or excessive wear on the outlet, please contact an electrician.
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Example of a damaged outlet

Above is a damaged outlet that has many of the characteristics that can create an unsafe scenario when using your Wemo device.  Below are some of the characteristics to look for when checking your outlets.
  1.  Device feels loose when plugging in.  Your Wemo should fit tightly into the plug.  If it feels loose, your outlet may need to be replaced.
  2.  Outlet has been painted over.  Outlets should not be covered with any type of paint.
  3.  A cracked housing can cause the internal portions of the outlet to become loose.
  4.  Debris in the sockets such as dust and hair can cause a buildup and cause your outlet to heat up when in use.
  5. Discoloration of the sockets can be a sign that something is beginning to fail in the outlet.
  1. When connecting a device to your Wemo Switch or Wemo Insight, check that the power requirements are within the maximum allowed ratings of your Wemo Device.  You can find the power ratings on the back of your Wemo or on its product page.
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Where to locate the power specifications

The power specifications for your Wemo device can be located on the back product sticker.  The image above shows a US model of the Wemo Switch.  It is rated for 120 V 15 A input and a 120 V 15 A output.  Depending upon your location the power specifications may be different.  Exceeding these specifications can cause damage to your Wemo and any device plugged into it.
  1. Your Wemo Switch and Wemo Insight are designed to be used indoors in a dry location.  Wemo is designed for residential applications.
  1. Ensure that there is proper clearance of at least 1-2 inches if you are placing your Wemo device behind any furniture.
  1. To reduce any risks of damage please read and understand any safety and operation instructions included with the device you wish to use with your Wemo.

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