Overview of the Belkin Dashboard

The Belkin Dashboard is the web interface of your router.  It has three (3) sections, the top widgets which are shortcuts to other configuration settings, the Advanced Settings which is the complete menu for all the settings on the router, and the Router Details section which displays the current router information.
NOTE:  A password is NOT needed to access the Dashboard since it is unlocked by default.  To set an administrator password you will need to click on the lock icon.

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Click on the corresponding links for the overview of the different parts and functions of your Belkin Dashboard:
Top of the Dashboard
Belkin Widgets
Advanced Settings
Router Details
Top of the Dashboard
  • User-added image - Displays the current wireless network name (SSID) of the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band.  Clicking on 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz right above the name displays the SSID of each band if you have configured both wireless networks with two (2) different names.
  • User-added image - Displays the current wireless password for the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band.  Clicking on 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz right above the name displays the wireless password for each band if you have configured both bands with two (2) different passwords.
  • User-added image - Clicking on either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz will display the SSID/Wireless password for each of the bands (ex: currently the 2.4 GHz is selected).
  • User-added image - Displays the Internet connection status:
  • Green circle - Online
  • Amber - Offline
  • Red - Disconnected
  • User-added image - Click to print the router settings (your printer should be set up before using this feature).
  • User-added image - Click to the edit wireless settings.
  • User-added image - Click the lock icon to secure the Dashboard with a password.  By default the router is unlocked (as shown), which means anybody can access the router settings without an administrator password.  To set a router password, click the unlocked icon and enter a password when prompted, then the icon will show as a locked icon.
  • User-added image (Intellistream) - You can set up the download/upload speed by running a test using speedtest.net.
Belkin Widgets
The Belkin Widgets are shortcuts to the top featured items in the Dashboard.

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  • Norton™ ConnectSafe - It is a website filter which serves as a layer of protection against unsafe/inappropriate websites.  Each requested site is quickly checked against Norton's database for your selected filter.  To know how you can successfully configure this, click here.
  • Parental Internet Control - Block devices or schedule Internet access schedules.  For more information regarding this feature, click here.
  • Media Server - DLNA server settings.  Enable/Disable DLNA, change the server name, refresh the library.
  • Connected Devices - Click this to view the router’s DHCP client’s table.
  • Guest Access - Configure the Guest Network for the 2.4 GHz.  You can choose the standard type, Café-Style which offers no wireless security for the guest or choose to provide additional wireless security to your Guest using WPA/WPA2 PSK or WEP.  To learn more about this, click here.
  • Optional Software - Optional software available for the Belkin router.  The F9K1119 model includes the Belkin MediaPlay powered by myTwonky.  This app is for Mobile iOS and Android™ devices to play media on your phone or tablet, directly from your computer.
Advanced Settings
The Advanced Settings section of the Dashboard is the complete menu to all the settings on the router.
NOTE:  Click the drop down arrow next to Advanced Settings in order to see the options.

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Main tabSub-tabDescription
LAN SettingsLocal Network SettingsConfigure router’s LAN IP address, DHCP server settings
Connected DevicesView router’s DHCP table
WAN SettingsISP Connection TypeConfigure router’s WAN settings (Dynamic, PPPoE, L2TP/PPTP,
DNSAdd custom DNS IP addresses
MAC AddressClone the MAC address
IPv6IPv6 ConnectionDisable/Enable IPv6 Pass-Through
WiFiWireless SettingsChange the wireless settings for the 2.4 GHz/5 GHz band
Wi-Fi Protected Setup™Select which band to configure

NOTE:  The WPS button is only for the 2.4 GHz, you cannot enable this through the UI.  However, you could perform a 5 GHz WPS connection via the UI only.
Guest AccessDisable/Enable the Guest network.  Select what Type of Guest Network (Cafe-Style, WPA/WPA2 PSK, WEP, Open).  Change the Guest SSID and password
Use as Access PointEnable the Access Point Model feature which bypasses all the routing and firewall features.
Norton™ ConnectSafeWebsite filtering
Parental Internet ControlBlock or schedule devices access to the Internet
MediaIntellistreamIntellistream prioritizes high-bandwidth and low-latency services such as voice, video, and games for the best possible online experience.
Traffic StatisticsTo use this feature, Intellistream must be enabled.  Display both
WAN outbound and inbound traffic prioritized into different categories.  Charts are displaying the last 10 minutes (automatically updating every 5 seconds).
Media ServerDisable/Enable the Media Server, change the Media server name and refresh the library
FirewallFirewallDisable/Enable the firewall
Port ForwardingConfigure Port forwarding, up to 20 entries
MAC Address FilteringEnable and configure MAC filtering
DMZEnable/Disable DMZ Host
DDNSConfigure DDNS settings (DynDNS/No-IP.com)
WAN Ping BlockingDisable/Enable Block ICMP Ping.  This provides a heightened level of security to keep external Internet users from finding out your IP address.  It does this by not answering pings that originate outside your network.
Security LogView the System and Firewall log.  You can also save the log file into a .txt file.
UtilitiesRestart RouterRestart your router
Save/Restore SettingsSave the current config file of the router.  Load a previous config file, Restore to factory defaults.
Firmware UpdateCheck for firmware update or perform a manual update
System SettingsAdd/Change the admin password, Timezone settings, configure Remote Management, Disable/Enable UPnP, configure ECO Mode (allows you to dim the LEDs on the front of the router to save power, or disable the wi-fi based on time/days)
Self-HealingSelect days/time when to have router reboot on a weekly basis for a problem-free network.
RegistrationRegister your router
Optional SoftwareDownload optional available software for your router.  This also includes a redirect to the support manual.
Router Details
The Router Details section is an overview summary of the current router settings.  Clicking on any of the green links will redirect you to its corresponding page to make changes.

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