How to create an Auto-off Timer rule for your Wemo with the Wemo app

One of the major selling points of the Wemo® line of products is the ability to control them anywhere you are in the world.  But did you know that you can also set them to work autonomously? 

Wemo Rules are a set of instructions that you can easily give to your Wemo devices to function on their own without any intervention from you.  The Auto-off Timer rule allows you to set a duration that your Wemo will remain ON before turning itself OFF.  A great use for this is to make sure your Wemo Light Switch (at the hall, for example) turns OFF automatically a few minutes after you leave your house, making it one less thing to worry about.

Before creating an Auto-off Timer rule, make sure to do the following:
  • Set up your Wemo device.  
  • Download and install the latest Wemo app version from Google Play™ in your Android™ device or from the App Store® in your iOS device and associate it to your Wemo device.
  • Make sure your Wemo device is running the latest firmware version.

How does this rule work?

The Auto-off Timer is a countdown timer for your Wemo devices.  Once a Wemo device is turned ON, it begins a countdown to when it will automatically turn itself OFF.  The available options are:
  • Choose the countdown duration
  • Choose when the rule will run
  • Choose what Wemo devices the rule will control
While the timer is counting down, you will still have full control over the Wemo device.  You also have the option to turn it OFF before the timer reaches 0.
When there is only 1 minute left on the timer, the power light will begin flashing as an indication that the Wemo device is about to turn OFF.  You can reset the timer by pressing the power button either in the Wemo app or on the Wemo device itself.

IMPORTANT:  By design, the last minute left on your timer is for resetting only.  If the rule you created last only for 1 minute, you cannot manually turn OFF your Wemo device while the Auto-Off Timer is counting down.  This is due to the timer duration being only 1 minute in length.  You can avoid this by creating a duration of at least 2 minutes or longer.

What devices are compatible with this rule?

The Auto-off Timer rule works with the following Wemo devices:
  • F7C027 – Wemo Switch Smart Plug
  • F7C029 – Wemo Insight Smart Plug
  • F7C030 – Wemo Smart Light Switch
  • F7C063 – Wemo Mini Smart Plug
  • F7C059 – Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer
  • WLS040 –  Wemo WiFi Smart Light Switch
  • WLS0403 – Wemo Smart Light Switch 3-Way
  • WDS060 – Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer

If you have connected your Wemo device to the Apple® Home app on your iPhone® or iPad®, you can configure Home Automation using the Apple Home app.  To know how, click here.

QUICK TIP:  If you have two Wemo 3-Way Light Switches, WLS0403 connected to the same circuit managing the same light, choose only one Wemo Light Switch for the rule to prevent conflicts.

IMPORTANT:  When using the Wemo Insight Smart Plug, F7C029, the Auto-off Timer will only function when it is not in Standby mode.  If the Wemo Insight is in Standby mode while the Auto-off Timer is running, it will cancel the timer until the Wemo Insight moves out of Standby mode.  For more information about the Standby mode, click 

So where do I start?

NOTE:  Images and steps may vary depending on your mobile device. 

Step 1:  Launch the Wemo app and log in to your Wemo account.

Step 2:  Tap on Rules.
Step 3:  On the Rules section, tap on Auto-off Timer.

Step 4:  Tap on a Wemo device to add it to this rule.  A check mark will show next to the Wemo device's name to signify it was added to the rule.
NOTE:  Multiple Wemo devices can be added to a single Auto-off Timer rule. 
Step 5:  The main function of an Auto-off Timer rule is to turn a Wemo device OFF after it has been ON for a duration you choose.  Under AFTER IT'S ON FOR, you can choose the duration that you want the Wemo device to remain ON before turning it OFF.  You can choose from a preset duration or set a custom duration. 
Step 6:  After you have chosen the Wemo devices you want this rule to control, scroll down to When to choose when you want this rule to run.

You have a few options available when you would like this to run:
  • All Day Daily:  The rule will run the entire day.  You can turn the All Day setting ON or OFF by moving the slider.
  • Time (Clock icon):  Set a static time.
  • Sunrise/Sunset:  Have your Wemo device controlled by the rising and setting of the sun.
  • DAYS:  Choose the days of the week you would like your rule to function.
Once you have chosen your time options, tap Done.
Step 7:  After choosing the time, continue scrolling to the bottom of the page and you will see the Rule Name.  This is where you can customize the name to make it easier to identify.  Tap on Auto-off Timer to bring up the on-screen keyboard.  Type in the name you would like to give this rule and tap Save to close the keyboard and accept the name.
You have now successfully created an Auto-off Timer rule for your Wemo.

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