Connecting Panasonic VIERA® HDTV to the Wi-Fi

Panasonic VIERA® Plasma HDTV offers incredible image clarity that is truly a lifelike experience plus the amazing power of its sound system.  This article will provide you with instructions on how to connect your Panasonic HDTV to the Wi-Fi.  To know how, follow the steps below:
NOTE:  Make sure you know the wireless settings of your router before connecting your device to the network.  To learn how to check the wireless settings of your router, click here

Step 1:
On your Panasonic remote, press MENU.
Step 2:
Select Network > Network connection.
Step 3:
You will then be prompted that it is searching for Wi-Fi networks.  Click Next to continue.
Step 4:
Choose your router’s Wi-Fi name from the list then press OK on the remote.
QUICK TIP:  You can also connect wirelessly via these methods:
  • WPS (push button):  You can connect by pressing the Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button on your wireless router.
  • WPS (PIN):  Set the PIN code that is displayed on the TV on the router’s interface.
  • Manual settings:  Manually set the SSID, Security type, and Encryption type to match the settings of your Wi-Fi.
Step 5:
Select your wireless router’s Security Type.  You can select between 
Shared key or Open.
QUICK TIP:  If you’re having problems connecting wirelessly, try selecting Open instead of Shared Key and vice versa as the Security Type.
Step 6:
Enter your Wi-Fi password in the available field.
NOTE:  The password is case-sensitive.  Press the green button on your remote to change between lower and upper-cases.
Step 7:
Once done, press OK on the remote.
Step 8:
The Panasonic VIERA® will then try to connect to the network.  Once completed, it will prompt you that the connection was successful.  Select Done.
You should now have successfully connected your Panasonic VIERA® to the Wi-Fi. 

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