Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with Wemo®, F7C049 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with Wemo®, F7C049?
The Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with Wemo®, F7C049 keeps the air in your home clean and pure.  Through the Wemo App, it can be controlled from anywhere using your smart device. 

2. How do I restore the air purifier to its factory default settings?
Press and hold the RESTORE button while powering up the air purifier for 10 seconds.  Alternatively, you can reset the default settings through the Wemo App.  Tap the pencil icon and then tap the Holmes Smart Air Purifier > Reset Options then select from the following options:
  • Clear Product Info
  • Reset Wi-Fi 
  • Erase All Contents and Settings
3. How do I personalize the settings of the air purifier?

Step 1:  Open the Wemo App.  

Step 2:  Tap the pencil icon across the top-right side of the screen.
Step 3:  Tap the right arrow next to the air purifier to personalize its settings. 

Step 4:  You may tap the image if you would like to upload a picture for the air purifier.  Tap Save to apply the changes.  Otherwise, tap Cancel.
Step 5:  You can also tap on the air purifier's to change the name for the device.  Tap Save to apply the changes.  Otherwise, tap Cancel.  
4. How do I reset the Filter Check Indicator?
Press and hold the Fan/Mode button for 6 seconds in the Control Panel.  To view the Control Panel buttons and functions, click

5. Where can I find the MAC address of the purifier?
The MAC address of the purifier is located on the label at the back of the air purifier or by looking up at the router’s DHCP table.

6. Can I set a schedule on my air purifier?
Yes.  For instructions on how to set schedules on the air purifier, click

7. What happens when I press the Filter Life button?
Once you press on the Filter Life button, you have two options:
  • Order New Filters - You can order new filters through the Wemo App, which will redirect you to the Holmes website.
  • More Information - Tap this option to be redirected to the Holmes website.
8. What happens when my air purifier’s filters are nearing the end of life?
The Wemo App will alert you when the filters are nearing the end of life and when they are expired.  There is a Show Me section for instructions on how to change the filters which redirects you to the Holmes website.  
If the filters were replaced, the app will prompt you to confirm the installation of the new filters. 

9. Why does the air purifier produce a popping or cracking sound?

When the Ionizer feature is turned ON, the air purifier releases negative ions into the outgoing filtered air to help the air purification process.  It may produce an occasional popping or cracking sound, this is normal and occurs when a small buildup of ions is discharged.

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